29.04.2017–24.06.2017 resonance room 2 Lotte Vanhamel Annette De Keyser Gallery
resonance room 2  Lotte Vanhamel

Music and works on paper are the two extremes among the many ways Lotte Vanhamel expresses herself and is herself. The first she brings out into the wider world, while with the second she remains as good as hidden in her own world. Her drawings have rarely been seen, the majority never. But now,
a broad selection of these drawings has been made, together with paintings, masks and costumes. The drawings form the basis of the work, though all her ways of working are linked and refer to one another. There is one constant, however: an unlimited creativity and fantasy, free, abundant, vigorous, bubbling with energy, full of questions and wonder, reacting to the world, painful or playful. But never gratuitous, because it is always essential.