11.03.2017–14.05.2017 Jürgen Brodwolf Galerie Schoots + Van Duyse
Jürgen Brodwolf

The work of Jürgen Brodwolf (° 1932, Dübendorf, Zurich) is inextricably linked to the 'Tubenfigur', squeezed paint tubes with remainders of paint and labelling which he, in innumerable variations, in the form of the human figure kneads. Since 1959 those symbolic human figures, which often are depicted as shadows of themselves, part of his oeuvre. In the early 1970s the Tubenfigur' pops up in his sculptures and from 1975 they become a part of his object photos.

Opening: Saturday 11 march - 07:00 pm.

Napoleonkaai 15
B-2000, Antwerp

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