07.05.2017–30.06.2017 Goochelen en Verlies Annie Gentils Gallery
Goochelen en Verlies

Klaas Kloosterboer & Frank Koolen

Duo exhibition Klaas Kloosterboer and Frank Koolen
KLAAS KLOOSTERBOER (° 1959 - works and lives in Amsterdam) - FRANK KOOLEN (1978, works and lives in Amsterdam)
Kloosterboer’s artistic development has taken him from maltreated figuration to burlesque modernity, as the Dutch art critic Mark Kremer put it so fittingly, where the artist is not so much interested in an individual, roughly assembled picture as a “scene”, but in an extended scenery, coming apart at the seams. As a consequence, oversized and voluminous “suits”, “constructed mess”, or shreds of varnish occupy a space that, together with the observer, turns into a stage.
Kloosterboer : " To be an artist is to take people on an adventure or to be on an adventure your self and hoping people will follow you."
Frank Koolen : " My work can be described as an ongoing search for the ideal combination between the beauty of discovery and the happiness of recognition. A moment in which the everyday, the scientific and the magical seem to collide, creating
unexpected logic. Maybe this logic is an equivalent to my notion of the absurd but at the same time I’m looking for possibilities to reactivate the meaning of an (sometimes generally known) image or idea by changing or rearranging its context." Frank Koolen mixes an interdisciplinary approach with a process related attitude in search for possible collaborations. In doing so he hopes to find and activate new connections between people, organisations and ways of thinking. His work includes installations, photos, videos and publications.