12.03.2017–30.04.2017 Marie Cloquet - Obstacles Annie Gentils Gallery
Marie Cloquet - Obstacles

Marie Cloquet

Opening of the in Genth based Marie Cloquet's second solo exhibition at our gallery Sunday March 12th. Both fragile and evocative, the body of work of Marie Cloquet (1976) captures the duality of lateral worlds and the battle between harmony and failure, a practice she calls “Collateral damage". Many of my works contain ‘Nouadhibou’ in their title. Nouadhibou is a port city in Western Africa. Along with the beauty of its wide, white sandy beaches I found a harsh, rejected society. The intersection of the splendour and the rugged life struck me. I realised it’s actually a parallel world, where people and progress get stuck. My work aims to put this concern to light, and to share it with others.
I collect my impressions through photographs, and use these images like sketches. The rough and blurry prints I make in my darkroom serve as elements for the mental reconstruction I want tot achieve. As the prints are made on drawing paper with a light-sensitive emulsion, I am able to use watercolour to paint on and over the prints. By bringing various images together, scale distortions and different perspective lines, the work becomes a new entity on its own.
Although I live and work in Belgium, my main concern is the world and the raging chain of events that never seem to stop. I guess the challenge is to know your roots, be able to use what has been done before you and to propel all of that in a wider context.