19.05.2017–04.06.2017 See you later Hole Of The Fox
See you later

Fukushi Chihiro (JP), Ville Kallio (FI), Yutaka Kawai (JP), Rvsasvr (US), Colburn Paluck (US)

For the Antwerp Art Weekend, the Hot Fox presents a group exhibition with artists Fukushi Chihiro (JP), Ville Kallio (FI), Yutaka Kawai (JP), Rvsasvr (US) and Colburn Paluck (US) in an attempt to bring together a selection of artists followed on Instagram by @Bayny (Benny), under the title ‘See you later’, a quote by the character Sombra, from the popular video game ‘Overwatch’, who can turn invisible and flank enemies without being noticed, making it a fitting title given the voyeuristic nature of the selection process. The artists were invited through the social medium and whoever confirmed was allowed to participate in the exhibition, resulting in an eclectic mix of artworks.


Thursday May 18 at 6pm.