21.02.2018–25.02.2018 Extra muros: Arco Madrid Annie Gentils Gallery
Extra muros: Arco Madrid

Guy Rombouts

1949 Geel (BE)
Lives and works in Antwerp

Former printer-typographer and visual artist GUY ROMBOUTS (1949) has strong feelings about the relationship between form and content in language.
He believes the conventional symbols of the written word are purely arbitrary and inadequate for expressing certain ideas and feelings.
Rombouts’ fascination with this “inadequacy” has led him to develop his own “more expressive” system of written language. He has taken the 26 letters of the alphabet and created replacements with new shapes.
For instance, an angular line stands for A, a curve for C. a zigzag for Z, etc. By combining these lines into word-polygons, Rombouts has created a writing system that makes language look like a continuous flow and, he claims, gives it “another, new reality.”
"AZART” is the artist’s own pictorial language, whose applications he claims to be boundless. He has extended the alphabet’s visual aspect by providing each of the 26 lines with its own color (aquamarine, Bordeaux red. etc.) and matching noise (aha, brrbrr, sshssh, kdoink, etc.)
so that Romboutese (AZART) can be appreciated aurally as well as orally.
The booth is shared with Tatjana Pieters Gallery Gent showing SHUZO AZUCHI GULLIVER


Opening 21 February 2018 at Arco Madrid (IFEMA, Feria de Madrid, Halls 7 and 9, Avenida del Partenón 5).