19.04.2018–22.04.2018 Extra Muros: ART BRUSSELS Discovery Annie Gentils Gallery
Extra Muros: ART BRUSSELS  Discovery

Marie Cloquet -, Klaas Kloosterboer

About Discovery
Marie Cloquet
The coastal borderland of Nouadhibou with his beached shipwrecks and other debris, traces of (neo) colonialism and refugees stranded after a failed crossing to Europe are the source of Cloquet's work. After manipulating the photos in her darkroom, she prints them on drawing paper covered with photo emulsion, tears them up and reconstructs them collage-wise on canvas, using watercolor paint. The rugged, anonymous landscapes that emerge, play with scale, size and perspectives and simultaneously appeal, as places of devastation, to our collective memory.

Klaas kloosterboer
Klaas Kloosterboer's paintings rely on the material of paint, the program of painting, and dramaturgy--the specific action of painting each canvas, an action which cancels out all other possible paintings which might otherwise have existed on that canvas. And all this on a very colorful and textured selection of paper, bound together tight.