07.09.2019–13.10.2019 Born to be mild Gallery Sofie Van de Velde

Charline Tyberghein

Charline Tyberghein (1993, Antwerp) graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in 2018 and has very quickly developed a strong, incomparable aesthetic that has managed to stay on many people’s retina and mind. She works and lives in Antwerp.

In Tyberghein’s work we find highly simplified objects reduced to symbols and pictograms which are then inflated to reach a maximum potential of readability. This readability is very ambiguous. Banal objects and universalized, impersonal symbols, typically enabling a straightforward interpretation, are claimed as the artist’s own to translate her most personal experiences, turning them into in a new, parallel language. The symbols become the characters in a seemingly impenetrable story. Some of these symbols are repeated over and over while their meaning morph throughout the different stories showing us that above all context and interrelationship seem to be the key narrators. We are left wondering what is (not) told but aren’t provided with a legend and we can only dream up our own stories as our imagination quickly takes off.


07/09/2019: 14h-18h

Until 13/10/2019
Wednesdag- sunday: 14-18h