21.01.2018–01.04.2018 On a mangé tout le chocolat Annie Gentils Gallery
On a mangé tout le chocolat

Elke Andreas Boon

Elke Andreas Boon is famous for her photographic portraits of kids and young adults. Their brutal vulnerability caused some commotion: after a first and sometimes deceptively beautiful impression, a reality that we rather not want to see passes through. Since then, Elke Andreas Boon exhibits nationally and internationally her work being included in several private and public art collections (SMAK Gent, FOMU, Antwerp). It also appeared in book format, in a beautiful publication of Ludion (‘Monologues’). Elke Andreas Boon questions ubiquitous patriarchal principles. She is fascinated by the fragility of the human existence and the immeasurable will that we have to show in order to manoeuvre within the conventional social structures. With her work she connects what happens in the world at the macro-level to the intimate micro-cosmos of humans.De title of the exhibition, ‘On a mangé tout le chocolate’, indicates that the system is at its brim; it is time for something else. The works, however, don’t provide a solution: the questions that they raise stay unanswered. What does happen is that the layers of meaning and nuances keep on stacking.


Opening Sunday January 21 - 2018 at 3 PM