30.06.2018–19.08.2018 Everybody Loves The Sunshine PLUS-ONE Gallery Nieuw Zuid

Amélie Bouvier, Cleon Peterson, Georgina Gratix, Karin Hanssen, Kasper De Vos, koen van den Broek, Max Pinckers, Mike Bouchet, Beni Bischof, Andy Warhol, Sergio De Beukelaer, Sven ‘t Jolle, Nicholas William Johnson

As Summer comes closer, it is already undeniably obvious: days become longer, flowers start blooming, people share social media posts about their garden, bright skies, or their first ice cream of the year. People are generally more energized and happy. “Folks get ‘round in the sunshine”, as Roy Ayers sings in his 1976 soul classic ‘Everybody loves the sunshine’.

When school is out for two months, and many people have Summer vacations planned, things are usually also more quiet in the art world. A gallery keeping its doors open in July, and proudly presenting a Summer exhibition, is a rarity. Yet, if Summer and sunshine are so beautiful, then why stay closed? For PLUS-ONE Gallery, the sunshine is a reason to throw its doors wide open, and offer you a refreshing look at sunshine, its meaning in art and the potential implications of a careless holiday in the sun.