19.10.2019–24.11.2019 Fight Light Fight Gallery Sofie Van de Velde Nieuw Zuid

Navid Nuur

Born in 1976 in Teheran, Iran, Navid Nuur lives and works in The Hague. Nuur uses a range of media, including drawing, text and installation. His often transitory process-based works both represent, and evolve out of, a series of subjective conditions and rules, which the artist intuitively establishes through his careful consideration of a particular space, substance or immaterial phenomenon, such as light or energy. Nuur’s pieces paradoxically elicit both a reflective and an affective response, inviting the viewer to become “a participant in an internal world”. While his practice shares affinities with Conceptual Art’s understanding of the relationship between idea and form, Nuur's works often complicate this rapport through the use of imagery, which serves as a poetic intermediary between shape and concept, questioning the ways in which these two terms might be coupled.


19/10/2019: 14h-18h

Until 24/11/2019
Wednesdag- sunday: 14-18h