09.12.2018–19.01.2019 Filip Francis Annie Gentils Gallery
Filip Francis

Filip Francis

Filip Francis (° Duffel 1944) lives and works in Brussels. Filip Francis is a Belgian artist who’s work unfolds from the seventies. Starting with his first performances, the notion of scientific experimentation was at the center of his preoccupation, sometimes neighboring the humour of Dada and Fluxus. Filip Francis has carved a longtime niche for himself as a painter, although he was part of the Antwerp artistic community centered around performance art (his roots are also to be found in dada and Fluxus). His work at the time were performances centered around concepts of time, space and coincidence ‘for the development of consciousness’ (F.F.). The art of Filip Francis results from deep scientific knowledge: peripheral vision occupies more than 90% of the surface of the retina and is responsible for the perception of our surroundings. In paintings these questions of visual perception have longtime been neglected: one has to remember that, awards from the Quattrocento, the visual world was limited by a central perspective which was only put in doubt from the last century onwards. Exceeding the main visual field of his spectators forms the main artistic preoccupation of Filip Francis. His paintings may be abstract or figurative, originating from a model or executed according to a specific program, but he always continues painting beyond the edge of his field of vision, where we can only deduce a side consciousness of what is actually there, a place where form is undone because it is not controlled by a centered perception. From 1990 onwards Filip Francis develops a new approach to the limitations of the retina through desaturation of colour. Colour saturation is the proportional balance between colour and white light. Francis pushes colour dilution to its limits where only the pure energy of whiteness hovers into the spectator’s existence. He breaks down and surpasses the barrier of luminocity, truly an exceptional artistic accomplishment.


Opening on Sunday 9 December from 14h. till 18 h. in the presence of the artist.