17.01.2020–16.02.2020 INBOX: The Chinese with the golden claws M HKA

○ A selection of works from the R. Patt collection, on the occasion of the 12th edition of Art's Birthday at the M HKA ○

R. Patt are authentic collectors, if by collecting works of art we mean the act of engaging with, selecting and bringing together works that allow us to develop new thoughts. Thoughts which we may share or not, according to our own priorities, needs and desires.

But which always inform our own vision of art, our own reflections and convictions. We understand that we are dealing with an important collection as it defines a powerful universe, in which each work finds within the whole the conditions for its full development, a singular universe, where neither the number of works nor their eclecticism detract from the coherence, where multiplicity enriches the collection without diminishing its originality.

  • Mona Stayrs

With works of, among others, Jean-Michel Alberola, Stefan Bohnenberger, Marcel Broodthaers, Marc Buchy, James Lee Byars, Frank JMA Castelyns, Jacques Charlier, François Curlet, Sébastien Delvaux, Dialogist-Kantor, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Filliou, Roger Remacle, Christophe Terlinden