20.01.2018–18.03.2018 LODGERS: Oushoorn & Milius M HKA
LODGERS: Oushoorn & Milius

The LODGERS programme is a collaboration between AIR Antwerpen and M HKA. We welcome imaginative artistic initiatives to come and occupy the 6th floor at M HKA. The programme offers a unique opportunity for public interface, to organisations and initiatives who focus specifically on producing and commissioning, and who do not have their own public space. These LODGERS might be publishers, commissioning agencies, research initiatives, labels, collectives, discussion platforms and other initiatives experimenting with artistic practice who would be interested to live, work and perform in Antwerp.

Oushoorn & Milius are Gauthier Oushoorn and Gijs Milius, a team of friends collaborating on the organisation and (in part) realization of a quick and diverse series of exhibitions/events, with subjects ranging from art and leisure to sports and literature. The program will start with a shop for goals on 6th floor of M HKA.

LODGERS are welcomed from "Eurocore" – the combined region of Benelux and the Rheinland. Free entrance to visit our LODGERS. Come and say hello!

The LODGERS programme is co-curated by Nav Haq, Senior Curator at M HKA, and Alan Quireyns, Artistic Director at AIR Antwerpen.