19.01.2019–03.03.2019 Lookin At The World Trough Rose Colored Glasses PLUS-ONE Gallery Nieuw Zuid
Lookin At The World Trough Rose Colored Glasses

Adam Leech, Andy Warhol, Antwan, Arman, Bendt Eyckermans, Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx, Beni Bischof, Bent Van Looy, Bram Bogart, Carole Vanderlinden, Catharina Dhaen, Charline Tyberghein, Dadamaino, David Shrigley, Dennis Tyfus, Flexboj & L.A., Francis Picabia, Fred Bervoets, Frida Kahlo, Gommaar Gilliams, Goya, Guy Mees, Ilse D'Hollander, Jacqueline De Jonghe, James Ensor, Jan Fabre, Jean Cocteau, Jean Schwind, Jean-Pierre Temmerman, Jenny Brosinski, Jim Dine, John Stezaker, Jozef Peeters, Karin Hanssen, Kasper De Vos, Keith Haring, Kirstin Arndt, Kurt Schwitters, Lily van der Stokker, Maaike Schoorel, Marcel Mariën, Marie Aly, Max Pinckers, Navid Nuur, Nel Aerts, Nicholas William Johnson, Nyst, Otto van Rees, Paul Joostens, Perry Roberts, Pieter Jennes, Pim Blokker, Robert Devriendt, Rose Wylie, Salvador Dali, Sara Sizer, Sergio De Beukelaer, Stefan Marx, Stef Driesen, Stephanie Hier, Stevie Dix, Sven ‘t Jolle, Tessa Perutz, Tom Volkaert, Vaast Colson, Victor Servranck, Walter Swennen, William Ludwig lutgens, Willy De Sauter, Wouter Feyaerts

After the success of their joint effort last year, Gallery Sofie Van de Velde and PLUS-ONE Gallery proudly present their second collaborative project, which again translates both galleries’ professional and artistic DNA of positivism and sharing: Looking at the World Through Rose Coloured Glasses.

This project, which includes over 70 artists, extends to participations in Brafa Art Fair, focusing on modern art, and Art Rotterdam, the perfect occasion to present young contemporary artists. Like the previous collaborative project Lust Laughter Liquor did, this new exhibition celebrates both twentieth-century and contemporary artists. “We are a contemporary gallery, but we do not deny our past,” says Sofie Van de Velde. Young artists such as Charline Tyberghein, Pieter Jennes and Bendt Eyckermans clearly show art historical influences, and allow themselves to freely experiment with motifs from the past. The connection to modern art also fits the galleries’ wish to address a large audience. “The market for collectors of modern art is very different, but we hope to introduce experienced collectors to upcoming artists,” she adds.

Looking at the World Through Rose Coloured Glasses carries multiple layers of interpretation. It can also be a critical stance, to look through rose-coloured glasses. If things could be rose-coloured, why aren’t they? In other words: a rose-tinted counterbalance of reality could be a call to action: let’s move towards that more positive direction. That is what the two galleries attempt in their collaboration on the long term: they consider sharing and openness to be the future of the art world. Of course, political situations or societal change are all too often the subject of modern and contemporary art. In that sense, art can be a platform for multiple and controversial perspectives.


Opening on 19.01.19 from 14h - 18h