14.09.2019–05.01.2020 Lost & Found North-7 Expedition M HKA
Lost & Found North-7 Expedition

North-7 is an artists' collective founded in 2013 by students of the School for Young Artists and the PRO ARTE Foundation for Culture and Art, both in St. Petersburg. The group currently consists of Alexandr Tsikarishvili, Nestor Engelke, Petr Dyakov, Leonid Tskhe, Anna Andrjievskaya, Nestor Kharchenko, Oleg Khmelev, Liza Tsikarishvili and friends.

The artists engage with themes such as identity and politics while steering clear of existing institutional regulations and/or intellectual trends. Although the group experiments with a wide range of media and uses a heterogeneous formal language, performances play an essential role in their artistic practice.

With the room-filling installation North-7 Museum, the artists' collective have created a museum for the M HKA in the form of a classical temple, containing documentation on, and an and archive of, all their artistic projects and activities to date.