09.09.2018–14.10.2018 Synchrone Annie Gentils Gallery

Marc Rossignol

The exhibition of Marc Rossignol at the Annie Gentiles Gallery is called "synchronous".
The artist indeed claims to adhere to time. The presented paintings in acrylic are even marked with the month in which they were made. Marc Rossignol thinks that Time is Space in mutation, and Space, is Time momentarily resting. With two hands he paints signs based on an Indian Kolam called "lotus flower". Hindus believe that drawing this kolam in one go without lifting the hand is religiously beneficial. The exhibition of M. Rossignol also links Monet's last work to this Kolam; "When Monet in 1890-93 conceives his water garden which in itself, in its spatial structure and its character of microcosm, is the prefiguration of the decoration to come, (The nymphéas of the Orangerie), he was no longer satisfied with the purely retinal vision. He aspires to a representation that incorporates into the visual experience the experience of duration, and beyond that, the totality of the experience experienced, by the eyes, by all the senses, by the movement, by the subjective sensibility, the intuition, the "immediate data of consciousness" ... Pierre Georgel
The "great machine" of Monet consists of paintings arranged continuously on two adjacent ellipses, forming, as such, the infinity sign on the ground. Rossignol explores in this exhibition the last work of Monet, its conception, its colors. The practice of Kolam in India may vary from day to day according to the god to be honored and historians consider these historical traces as a form of proto-writing.
The first day of the year zero of the Hindu calendar corresponds to January 23, 3102 BC. The year 1440 of the Muslim calendar will begin on Sept. 12th 2018 and end in August 2019. The different conceptions of time create different histories and lead to a different understanding of how time unfolds. In the exhibition a series of 12 paintings begins in May 2017 and ends in April 2018.


Opening of the exhibition: Sunday 9 September 2018 at 3 - 6 pm