05.09.2019–28.09.2019 One Piece at the Time Gallery Sofie Van de Velde
One Piece at the Time

Carole Vanderlinden

Carole Vanderlinden (1973)’s paintings impress first and foremost through her use of colour. Brightly-coloured (blues, oranges, acid yellows) free geometric forms interact with one another. They aren’t flat shapes as the colours are anything but smooth; the colour on the surfaces is extremely subtle against the backdrop of several uneven layers. This results in both the abstract and the figurative. The position of shapes and repeated motifs and the separation between two distinct areas of background allow us to discern a mask, a kite or a house. However, the subject matter plays second fiddle to the painting, the way the elements play with the frame. Other canvases, subtly or overtly (both can coexist), portray a bouquet of flowers or a bush, and these break with the geometry of the whole. This painting is unrelated to any style or series. Its starting (and arrival) point lies more towards intuition. And here we should remember the etymology of this word: how it relates to the act of looking.


05/09/2019: 18- 21h

Until 28/09/2019