07.02.2021–20.03.2021 Momental Reliques in an ever changing Globe Annie Gentils Gallery

Tim Breukers - Dodi Espinosa - Sina Hensel - Hannah Mevis - Thomas Swinkels - Herman Van Ingelgem

The exhibition was conceived before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and is more than ever relevant because of the ecological and political awareness of the participating artists. Once again we have to postpone this exhibition due to the corona situation. We hope that next February it will be possible to have a normal opening with performances and a lot of people at the opening.
The exhibition brings together work made by 5 emerging artists Sina Hensel (DE), Hannah Mevis (DE), Tim Breukers (NL), Thomas Swinkels (NL), Dodi Espinosa (Mexico/Belgium) and gallery artist Herman Van Ingelgem (BE).
Urban landscapes and our changing relationship with nature, the urgent situation of mankind in a global ecological and political crisis brings this generation of artists to a new attitude towards art.


Welcome at the opening of Momental Reliques in an ever changing Globe, 7 February 2021.