26.05.2018–23.09.2018 Sofie Van der Linden De Warande
Sofie Van der Linden

Sofie Van der Linden (1986) is our artist-in-residence for season 17-18. De Warande is renovating its theater in this season and is on the move. Sofie's work focuses on lost corners, the fragmentary, intermediate zones, exploration, and movement and therefore perfectly responds to the transformations that the Warande is currently undergoing.
Sofie draws buildings, streets and neighborhoods. She does not do that like a real cartographer does. No digital, scientific ground plan. No localization system. In the exploration of an area, she sets out her own lines of movement. As if she scans the contours in which she moves, and the place where she is, live. Her drawings therefore seem to move constantly.
Sofie will live in the Warande, explore the makeability of the house, draw lines between people, intervene with quirky design, create an image for the next season, and more. You can follow all her interventions via the website.