28.09.2018 Soft? Tactile Dialogues in Collaboration with MOMU Opening PLUS-ONE Gallery Berchem

Anton Cotteleer, Sven ‘t Jolle, Bernd Lohaus, Bendt Eyckermans, Nicholas William Johnson, Jenny Brosinski, Jelle Spruyt, Guy Mees, Nel Aerts, Stephanie Baechler

"Soft? Tactile Dialogues" is about the freedom with which artists move between various media, about unexpected textile applications, about tactility and aversion, and about the textures and the skin of sculptures.
Exhibition in collaboration with MOMU (Fashion Museum of Antwerp) and curated by Elisa De Wyngaert.
The exhibition is part of the Soft? Route.
open Friday & Saturday 13-18h


Opening of the Soft? Tactile Dialogues in Collaboration with MOMU, from 13h - 21h