26.01.2020–07.03.2020 de keuzes van mariondecannière

Rien Schellemans & Gijs Waterschoot

Gijs Waterschoot (Soest (DE), 1990) and Rien Schellemans (Bruges (BE), 1994) met during their studies (In Situ³ and Sculpture respectively) at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. In 2017 they started working together spontaneously. Up until today the two share their studios and often operate as artist duo. Their field of work includes an ever-expanding register that is not limited to the ‘image’ (or the visual / visible) but increasingly focuses on written and spoken word, sound, movement and the interaction between the two of them and their environment.

The present duo exhibition is their fourth collaboration with mariondecannière.

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26.01.2020 - 14:00