18.05.2019–01.09.2019 Sveta Shuvaeva – Lake View Limited Offer M HKA
Sveta Shuvaeva – Lake View Limited Offer

In her installations, Sveta Shuvaeva opens a dialogue about political, economic and social trends. She creates imaginary situations in which the viewer becomes part of the installation. Her works are functional and performative, they are layered and critical. In her oeuvre, she focuses on the tension that exists in Russia between the new freedom that is neo-liberal and capitalist in nature, and the utopia of the equality of communism, where the economy is not driven by supply and demand but rather by production, under the constant watchful eye of the bureaucratic apparat.

The title of the installation 'Lake View Limited Offer' is a literal quote from an advertising campaign for the sale of real estate. The marketing strategy is obvious: luring people in through the promise of a paradisiacal life while at the same time pressuring the potential buyer to respond quickly. The installation is an architectural structure, a reproduction of the type of office space that allows bureaucracy to flourish. A space that refers to counter rooms, counters, cash registers. The empty corridor with counters is a paper replica, a duplicate. The counters, a socket, a ventilation grille, a door, ... they are all made of paper, to such precision that one hardly notices that they are replicas. Sveta Shuvaeva has created an illusion.

In addition to the installation Lake View Limited Offer, the exhibition also presents a series of graphic and visual works by Sveta Shuvaeva.


Opening night 06.06.19, 20:00