22.06.2019–25.08.2019 Exploring nooks and crannies,... from Cavern to Cube to Bar to Box PLUS-ONE Gallery Nieuw Zuid
Exploring nooks and crannies,... from Cavern to Cube to Bar to Box

Vaast Colson

Episode I – DISPLAY
22.06.19 – 14.07.19
Opening 22.06.19 (14:00-18:00)

15.07.19-02.08.19 (Gallery summer closure)

03.08.19 – 25.08.19
Opening 03.08.19 (14:00-18:00)

For the project ‘Exploring nooks and crannies’ PLUS-ONE gallery & Vaast Colson join forces.
The project will be set in the PLUS-ONE gallery space and will consist of 3 Episodes.
In Episode I, Vaast Colson will DISPLAY a series of new works and a new publication. For Episode II the gallery will be for the occasion completely filled with wooden pallets from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, emphasizing the full volume of the space. This seemingly impenetrable mass begs to be delved into and explored. Thus an EXPEDITION is planned.
During the course of a working week, a team of seasoned volunteers will venture into the little known. Well equipped with both exploration and documentation gear they set out to explore the conduits and cavities of the unknown territory. Possibly coming across unforeseen setbacks and unimagined glorious experiences.
Subsequently, the project will be made public in Episode III. The excavation site will be made visitor friendly and an EXHIBITION will be presented to a broad audience. The findings and conclusions of this joint venture will be exhibited and put to the test.


Opening on 22/06/2019 from 14h - 18h