12.11.2017–14.01.2018 Herman Van Ingelgem & Chloé Op de Beeck - Four Rooms for Five Thoughts Annie Gentils Gallery
Herman Van Ingelgem & Chloé Op de Beeck - Four Rooms for Five Thoughts

Wooden baton, fig, to look, in mechanics an object is a body, hands, thoughts and their shape, how old were you back then?, breadcrumbs, it seems to be a game, of course Cézanne, stone, funnel, reconstruction, drawing, I can't remember, tripoint, I'll write you, your house, my house, words, rings, no - this is not a project, two bridges, mountain, all of a sudden, silver grey, significance, we have to go, an asparagus, white, movement of thoughts, clouds, triangles, what I see, what I say, initial, slug, to dance, but what if all means nothing?

The exhibition Four Rooms for Five Thoughts shows a selection of recent works of Herman van Ingelgem and Chloé Op de Beeck. Their cooperation which started in 2015 arose from an intense correspondence. Since then they have been researching how this dialogue and the sharing of experiences can be a method of working. By means of different media (drawings, installations, videos, sculptures, …) they question in an authentic manner how language and memory work in relationship to their surrounding architecture and art history.


Opening of the exhibition "Four Rooms for Five Thoughts"on Sunday November 11 , 15 - 19 h.