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First of all we hope everyone is healthy, well and safe at home.

For this newsletter we wanted to put the focus on what we miss the most these days: the physical experience of art. That’s why we’ll highlight some incredible publications, artists books, a magazine containing 72 questions, and even some editions which can be purchased and brought to you.

You can also order a cookbook with amazing drawings and an a damn good lentil soup by Dorothy Iannone or support the Antwerp food banks by buying art at The Wunderwall. A special thanks to the artists and organisations for making this possible!

Take care.

Don’t miss Frans Masereel Centrum’s Open Call to critics, writers, curators and academics.


Six Questions

"When talking to artists, there were always certain questions that interested us in particular. We wanted to know about their work, their working methods, their process of creation and where they get their inspiration from."

In 2016 Tique collected these questions to create a recurring feature called Six Questions. Every week they published an interview based on these questions on the website of Tique. Three years and over 160 interviews later, the format is still going strong; every week we get to know an artist personally through words and images.

Tique | publication on contemporary art
Six Questions: with Jonas Lund, Marge Monko, Letha Wilson, Félicia Atkinson, Ali Zanjani, Paulien Oltheten, Marc Nagtzaam, Yuki Okumura, Katja Mater, Eric Giraudet de Boudemange, Paul Kooiker and Lito Kattou.


Order via Tique's website.

Find more answers here.

FOMU presents:

Stephan Vanfleteren – Present: Een indrukwekkend overzicht van het oeuvre van Stephan Vanfleteren en geeft een compleet beeld van hem als fotograaf, als kunstenaar en bovenal als mens, die met empathie, verwondering en nieuwsgierigheid in het staat.
Link to the FOMU shop.

Photobook Belge: is het eerste overzicht ooit van fotoboeken die werden gepubliceerd door Belgische fotografen. Dit ambitieuze boek schetst een representatief beeld van hun ontwikkeling, vanaf het midden van de negentiende eeuw tot vandaag, en draagt bij aan de studie naar een tot nu toe verwaarloosd onderdeel van de Belgische fotogeschiedenis.
Link to the FOMU shop.

Photography Inc.: vertelt het verhaal van fotografie en de fotografische industrie, vanaf de beginjaren tot nu. Photography Inc. focust op kantelmomenten in de technologische geschiedenis van de fotografie en op de gevolgen voor de gebruiker. De publicatie neemt de wisselwerking tussen de foto-industrie en fotograaf onder de loep. Speciale aandacht gaat naar de rol van het Antwerpse bedrijf Agfa-Gevaert in dit verhaal.
€20 (discount prize, normal prize €39,99)
Link to the FOMU shop.

TRIGGER MAGAZINE: The first issue on ‘Impact’ is made in close collaboration with The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KABK), The Hague, The Netherlands, and guest editor Donald Weber, teacher and researcher at KABK. It deals with photography's 'impact', in different social and political contexts, in our current time joint and in the past. Can we still assume photography’s (age-old) impact in an image-saturated world, where fake news, the questioning of representative democracy and the return of colonial pasts are engaging different political cultures, publics, action and pression groups? How can photography function as a tool for environmental change? What is the role of photographs in political debates?
Link to the FOMU shop.

TIFF: België staat bol van het fotografisch talent. Sinds 2012 kiest het FOMU jaarlijks tien opkomende fotografen voor het magazine .tiff, dat ondertussen is uitgegroeid tot een internationaal platform. .tiff 2019 zijn: Laure Cottin Stefanelli, Etienne Courtois, David Denil, Katherine Longly, Renée Lorie, Sebastian Steveniers, Wiktoria Synak, Florine Thiebaud, Pierre Vanneste, Sybren Vanoverberghe
Link to the FOMU shop.

Shipping is temporarily free.

An Exhibition—Another Exhibition

"Dynamically collaging across mediums—from paint to bronze, papier-mâché to concrete—Valérie Mannaerts playfully arranges sculptural elements to create spatial installations, scenographies without stages. As scales oscillate and materials remain staunchly mercurial, the works exist in a space of deliberate ambiguity, sitting on the threshold between object and image. For the two exhibitions, Mannaerts manipulated the gallery spaces through the idiosyncratic positioning of diverse spatial objects, creating fields of tension and obscurity, surreal situations that asked viewers to decode the objects staring back at them."


Order via Extra City's online bookshop.

Schwarzer Peter — Das Original

This artist publication is the outcome of different aspects of Vaast Colson’s dealing with the element of chance and coincidence, luck, rivalry, play, loss, deception and victory in life and art.


+€5 (shipping and handling Belgium) / +€10 (shipping and handling Europe)

24 pages, introduction by Stella Lohaus, dim.: 29 x 20 cm, edition of 300 copies, published by LLS Paleis in collaboration with Clean Press. (CP #44)

The booklet can be purchased via:

De uitvinding van de wereld

In De uitvinding van de wereld – een verslag van ervaringen en bedenkingen – geeft Marc Schepers zijn werkvisie over samenleving, cultuur en kunst en hoe hij die beeldend omzet.

De relatie tussen samenleving en kunst en het werken binnen een sociaal referentiekader worden besproken. In hoofdstukken als waarneming en ervaring – montage en fotomontage – Benjamin en het auratische – de auteur als producent gaat Marc Schepers de dialoog aan met zijn beeldend werk.

Dit boek ontleent zijn titel aan een installatie van Schepers uit 1984 waarnaar hij regelmatig teruggrijpt. In een rijk geïllustreerde tekst die het midden houdt tussen biografie, manifest, bronnenonderzoek en gedeconstrueerde catalogus loodst de auteur je mee doorheen een werkproces dat dertig jaar geëngageerd kunstenaarschap omspant.

Presented to you from Ruimte Morguen.


Order via huis hut or Copyright.

De Computer

"Dit boek behuisd een doorsnede uit het archief van Marcel van Maele, verpakt in een avontuur van AARS (AntwerpArtistRunSchool) onderzoekers/docenten Idris Sevenans en Hans Theys. Een snelcursus op hoogst trage wijze. Plechtig nemen wij ons hoofd af voor Marcel."


Kan besteld worden via

When Fact is Fiction

When Fact is Fiction, Documentary Art in the Post-Truth Era

What is the value of fiction at a time when fake news, alternative facts, and infotainment undermine the integrity of politics and media? This question is the common thread of ‘When Fact Is Fiction’. It brings together contributions by and about artists who probe the boundaries between fact and fiction.

Contributions by Pascal Gielen, Andrea Gorki, Charlotte Lybeer, Sigrid Merx, Patrícia Portela, Jonas Rutgeerts, Nienke Scholts, Katharina Smets, Elly Van Eeghem, Peter Van Goethem, Stefan Vanthuyne, Ludovik Vermeersch, Nele Wynants
Edited by Nele Wynants


Contribute to the research in the arts and become a member and receive a year (3 issues) of FORUM+ and a free copy of the book ‘When Fact is Fiction’.

FORUM+ is published by Amsterdam University Press and the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, in collaboration with the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA). Follow FORUM+ via Facebook.

There is more! Book of Tides – A Play with Arts and Crafts by Wim Wauman on the tension between art and (traditional) craftsmanship. A learning path (skill in wood veneer), collaborations, brainwashing, and an increased (personal) engagement led to the experimental ‘Blauwhaus’ complex. Or/And World Without Us by Geert Goiris with recent photographs by Geert Goiris as a visualization experiment anticipating a world without humans. And a free download of the JAJAJAJA BROCHURE BROCHURE of Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Stargate 63

Pink House Press #0 “Stargate 63”, Edition of 100, Editors: Gijs Waterschoot/Ersi Varveri

"The last magazine released in the Pink House was dedicated to the moving out of the house at Italiëlei 63, 2000 Antwerp. As the moving out is going to be the end of an era but also to mark a new beginning for us, we see this as point 0. Like that we see this php edition as a portal that is able to take us into a new adventure!

We asked artists and people from our network to imagine and suggest with their contribution where could this portal take us, or takes you, or what happens if someone goes through it! The magazine may become a spaceship that goes in and out these different places!"

€27 (shipping included)

List of contributors: Jeroen Bocken, Karina Beumer, Valentine Cernat, Raluca Cotcoriciu, Senne Claes, Christine Clinckx, Camille Cluzan, Julia Dahee Hong, Lynn Depreeuw, Nico Dockx, Baldvin Einarsson, Fluwelen Koord, Andriana Gvozdenovic, Emma Heidarsdottir, Erin Helsen, Heide Hinrich, Johann, Kauth, Bori Kormos, J.Krissis, Jef M, Rocio Nosela, Johan Pas, Vijai Patchineelam, Panos Profitis, Bence Rohánszky, Rien Schellemans, Jackson Shallcross-Platt, Valgerður Sigurðardóttir, Stakattak, Daniel Van Espen, Ersi Varveri, Kostas Varveris, Gijs Waterschoot, David Wojtalewicz

To purchase a copy contact:

Click here for more Pink House.

Felt the Moonlight on my Feet

By Jani Ruscica, 12" Vinyl + Publication

Track 1. "Every Song" - Federico García Lorca.
Track 2. "We Real Cool" - Gwendolyn Brooks.
Track 3. "The Scent of Freedom" - Anna Akhmatova.
Performed by Suzanna Pezo.

Text "Before Eternal Silence" written by Angus Carlyle.


For orders, or information about further editions, including the vinyl SOFT REVOLUTION with Christian Jendriko & Markus Karstiess: and Drop City's website.

Produced by Jani Ruscica and Sam Watson. Sound production and recording Aarich Jespers and Joris Caluwaerts. Mastering Nicholas Bussmann. Published by Apparent Extent, Cologne.

Initially developed for and during the public programme "The Studio for Arousing Tools" devised by Sam Watson during Drop City's LODGERS residency at M HKA, Antwerp, 2017.

Released at PUBLICS, Helsinki, December 2018.

Realised with the generous support of FRAME Contemporary Art Finland, NRW Kultursekretariat, AAIR & M HKA.


This first monograph on conceptual artist Stefaan Dheedene (°1975, Belgium) brings an overview of 20 years of artistic practice. The book can be considered as an instrument or handbook, that was created in order to conceive a mental and fysical space in which the oeuvre can be compressed and interrelationships can be exposed. This monograph was structured by Dheedene himself, by the use of eight named lists. This principle makes the underlying artistic research visible and creates the possibility of a multiple approach, without falling into corrections and forced interpretations and contextualization.

Published by MER. Borgerhoff & Lamberigts.


This book can be ordered via:


A Cookbook by Dorothy Iannone

A facsimile - with a new, specially designed dust jacket - of the original COOKBOOK realized by bohemian grande dame Dorothy Iannone in 1968 - 1969 when she was living with Dieter Roth.

Ecstatic love, existential cookery, damn good lentil soup.

€30 (excl. shipping)

Order via Frans Masereel Centrum.

Art Feeds at The Wunderwall

The Wunderwall has launched a new project called Art Feeds: Their aspiration is to generate more visibility and support for emerging artists, while prioritizing the well-being of our society. Therefore, ...

The Wunderwall will donate 20% of each sale to the Antwerp food banks.

For every two euros donated, one meal can be prepared. "Let’s take care of our society in need. Or as we say: LockDOWN, artUP! Together we can make a difference."

The Wunderwall is a joint initiative between two Antwerp-based galleries: PLUS ONE Gallery and Gallery Sofie Van de Velde. The Wunderwall is the material representation of artworks that have been collected in a mix & match manner, a selfcurated backdrop of small (or affordable) artworks by the hand of young and emerging artist in various media and styles.

Visit the website or Instagram for more information.

Ballroom's Supportive Project:

"Everybody in the arts sector has been heavily affected by this situation, but none more than artists. Their status is often unclear and as a result they usually can’t count on government support measures. Their side jobs – often in the catering industry or art supply shops – have suddenly dried up as well. However, the costs these artists have for their practice, studio and canceled exhibitions, continue to add up."

For these reasons, the Ballroom Project still wants to take action and release a digital version of their 2020 edition at their website.

From Sunday 19 April at 14h until Friday 19 June, Ballroom Project offers a curated online sales platform of unique artworks and editions between €75 and €2,500. The artworks in this online catalogue have been selected by participating galleries and artists invited by the organisers of Ballroom.

In this way, the galleries first and foremost want to support artists. For every artwork sold through this platform, Ballroom guarantees that 70% of sales go directly to the artist. The remaining 30% is used to cover transportation, administration and other organisation costs. All prices are VAT inclusive and cover shipping for sales within Belgium. For international sales Ballroom charge a small shipping fee.

Ballroom Project is founded by Base Alpha Gallery & DMW Gallery.



Marc Vanderleenen, 2014. With texts by Koen Leemans, Koen Sels and Thibaut Verhoeven (English / Dutch). Design by Matipa Josse. Published by: De Garage, Mechelen. Thanks for sharing Annie Gentils Gallery.


Order via e-mail:
Or phone call: +32477756721
Or Copyright.

Click here for more publications from Annie Gentils Gallery.

Orban Space

Luc Deleu & T.O.P. Office: Orban Space exploreert en analyseert Deleu’s werk door een topografie van zeven termen, die elk worden uitgewerkt door een tekst- en een visueel essay. Daarnaast bevat het boek een ‘autobiografie’ van T.O.P. office, een interview over toekomstperspectieven van Hans De Wolf en Wouter Davidts met Isabelle De Smet en Steven Van den Bergh – medewerkers sinds 1997 – en een uitgebreid geïllustreerd overzicht van ‘Works Exhibitions Writings’.


Can be purchased via:

Auteur: Guy Châtel, Wouter Davidts, Isabelle De Smet, Hans De Wolf, Maarten Delbeke, Luc Deleu, Marjolijn Dijkman, Kersten Geers, Aglaia Konrad, John Macarthur, Metahaven, Manfred Pernice, Felicity D. Scott, Teresa Stoppani, UP (Koenraad Dedobbeleer & Kris Kimp. Samensteller: Wouter Davidts, Guy Châtel, Stefaan Vervoort. Fotografie / Illustratie: diverse fotografen. Ontwerper: Metahaven. Uitgave jaar: 2012. ISBN: 978-90-78088-60-8. Taal: Engels. Uitgever: Valiz, book and cultural projects i.s.m. Stroom Den Haag, VU Amsterdam, Universiteit Gent

Hyun-Sook Song

This book gives an overview of the recent works of the South Korean artist Hyun-Sook Song (born 1952). In 1972 she travelled to West Germany and soon after that she began to draw and to paint. In doing so she often gave voice toher nostalgic memories of her beloved motherland. Over several decades she created paintings withonly a handful of motifs or themes: clay pots, silk ribbons draped around posts, or woven textiles hung on a thread.

€29,95 incl. shipping (in Belgium)

Order via Copyright.

Zeno X Gallery also introduces:
The mysterious universe of artist Jockum Nordström.

€49 incl. shipping (in Belgium)

Order via Kannibaal.

Out of Sight Books:

Out of Sight is inviting you to look at various publications that they published, edited, designed or distribute.

A Walk in High Resolution, by David Bergé
"Since 2008, artist David Bergé has been making “Walk Pieces”, during which he guides participants in silence along a precise trajectory and within a precise timeframe through textures and infrastructures that comprise the city. Participating in a “Walk Piece” and/or your personal experience of reading this book are the only valid materialisation of David Bergé’s ephemeral works."

Integration, by Zoran Todorović
"An artist book by Zoran Todorović that testifies artist’s process of making this illegal people project, from the refugee toilet to the final packing of the finished product and its consumption."

Aphasia, by Jelena Jureša
"As a medical term, aphasia refers to the inability to speak or to find the right words. Starting from the themes tackled in the film, this book focuses on the collective silence surrounding crime and the compartmentalisation of historical events, and it traces the line between Belgian colonialism, Austrian anti-Semitism and the wars in Yugoslavia."

Here and There, by Božena Končić Badurina and Duga Mavrinac (image)
"This picture book is an outcome of anthropological research on migrant domestic and care workers with artistic work."
Price: FREE - With every order you will receive this book for free.

To place your order, please write to:

Butterknees and Thigh tiles

'Boterknieën en Bilpannen, Butterknees and Thigh tiles'
by Michèle Matyn. (image)

'Shaken not disturbed'
by Lieven Segers.

'I Spy (With My Little Eye)'
by Nadia Naveau.

'Archetype en Cosmologie'
by Katleen Vinck.

These books can be purchased via

'Where do the characters go when the story ends?'
by Karina Beumer.
This filmnovel can be ordered via Publication Studio Rotterdam.

'FUNGI' and 'Connection Between Memory and Desire'

Dries Segers, ‘FUNGI’ (image)

Publication of the FUNGI project by Dries Segers, for which the artist photographed fungi in Dudenpark, Brussels in the autumn of 2018. The project consists of an installation and a publication. The installations shows 4 blowups of macro-photographed fungi. The prints will appear and disappear according to the temperature in the room. Two heating systems are installed underneath the works to provide changes. By a timing system the heaters will go on and off. The viewer will not be able to control what he sees. Each hour the images will be different showing and hiding parts of the work. The (un)natural process of appearance is accompanied by the responsibility, care and patience of the spectator.


Caroline Van den Eynden, ‘Connection Between Memory and Desire’

Overview of the works of Caroline Van den Eynden from 2008-2018, with texts, annotations and photos documenting the working method and inspirations of the artist. The book is structured on the basis of a system of links and references connecting the works with their inspiration and relations to other pieces. As such, the book can be read either in a linear fashion, or criss-cross based on the reference system and the reader’s rhythm. The book is included with purchase of the edition with the same name. Can also be purchased separately. 142 pages, linen cover.


More information can be find here. Both publications can be ordered via

Borders of Nothingness

"In the infinite flow of everything, people come and go in our lives. While the presence of some can be so subtle that we hardly register when it begins or ends, with others it's far clearer: they enter, or leave, with a bang.
In Border of Nothingness, Dutch photographer Margaret Lansink (b. 1961) dwells in the transitional ambiguity of her adult daughter's decision to suspend contact with her, photographing landscapes and nude women whose disappearing presence raises the same haunted question: is this the moment you were gone?
As times passed, Lansink and her daughter reconnected to investigate whether their break could be mended. Lansink then began to revisit and reinterpret Borders of Nothingness in a physical practice that mirrored their emotional efforts of healing. Working from the Japanese practice of repairing ceramics with gold leaf, she combined her images, severs them, and mends their breaks with gold leaf to put hope into the possibility of a bond that is stronger and more beautiful because it had once been broken."
Katherine Oktober Matthews

The book is available in a regular edition (an edition of 300) for €70, or in a special edition in a box with an original collage with gold leaf (an edition of 30) for €270.

Ibasho Gallery is, besides a gallery, a bookshop specialized in Japanese photo books. They publish books together with co-publisher the (M) éditions from Parijs.

Find Ibasho Gallery's digital bookcase on their website. All books can be ordered:

Luc Dondeyne's Third Eye

"The intuition, imagination and inner wisdom with which the third eye or the sixth chakra fills us, may also open the gate to the collective memory, on which not only Dondeyne relies but also the spectator who looks at the artist’s works. Frequently, Dondeyne refers in his titles and images consciously or subconsciously to the history of art and culture. He invites us to open our own third eye and to join him to tap into his huge source of knowledge and associations that allows him to connect that which he sees through the third eye with that which he depicts thereof on the canvas or on paper, and with the spectator who contemplates the final result."
Diana Wind, excerpt from Third Eye


The book can be ordered via or via Bert de Leenheer +32 478 811 441 or via Dirk Vanhecke +32 475 477 478.

Also via Galerie Transit: De Dilettant | Allart Lakke, €20.

Tension, balance, risk, stability

On December 12, 2019 artist Paul Gees turned 70 and looked back on an artistic practice of 50 years. In Valerie Traan gallery, he presented a selection of carefully chosen artworks, giving an overview of the diversity of his entire oeuvre.

At the same time a detailed book was published (Paul Gees – tension, balance, risk, stability) with an extensive interview, texts and images. The book offers an overview of the achievements of the past five decades and the evolution in the work of Paul Gees: from his performances in the 1970s and the earliest architectural explorations, to his drawings, sculptures and most recent works of art in public spaces.


Order via Copyright.

Also from Valerie Traan gallery: Tools and objects that we use every day. This is the link to the digital catalogue. All objects can be ordered via

Never look back again

"Video and photo artist Nassermann occupies himself with questions relating to art history, anthropotechnics, and selfrepresentation in video art. He examines the everyday behaviors of individuals as well as collective phenomena with respect to mass-media phenomena. This leads him to combine digital and analogue technology in his works, in which the boundaries between past, present, and future seem to blur. Nassermann, who has been tremendously influenced by his encounter with Peter Sloterdijk, sees his art as a duty and a mission to touch people deep in their souls and minds. In his first monograph, Nassermann now provides an overview of his work until today and shows how deeply the individual creative areas are connected."


Order Never look back again via Kerber.

Thanks for sharing Annette De Keyser Gallery.


Axel Vervoordt Gallery is proud to present the book titled II. The book offers an overview of all exhibitions that took place at their locations at Kanaal and Hong Kong between 2017 and 2019. II is a sequel to the first edition, I, which was published in 2017 and offered a retrospective look at the exhibitions beginning in 2011 at our founding location in the historic Vlaeykensgang in the centre of Antwerp. In 2014, Axel Vervoordt Gallery broadened their horizons to Asia by opening a space in Hong Kong’s Entertainment Building.


Order via

Galerie Verbeeck - Vandyck presents:

by Herman Selleslags
€30 (normal edition)
€400 (deluxe edition with original photo signed and numbered on 25 copies)

Bruno Vekemans

by Herman Selleslags
€29 (normal edition)
€400 (deluxe edition with original photo signed and numbered on 25 copies)

All books can be ordered via:

Tim Van Laere Books:

Visit Tim Van Laere's digital bookcase for detailed views and purchases.

Find 'DR.50/50FITTYMEESE (Pump Away Reality)' by Jonathan Meese.

And 'Pink Period' by Anton Henning.

And 'Live Forever' with works of Bram Demunter, Gelatin, Adrian Ghenie, Kati Heck, Friedrich Kunath, Edward Lipski, Jonathan Meese, Tal R, Daniel Richter, Peter Rogiers, Ben Sledsens, Ed Templeton, Henk Visch, Anke Weyer.

And 'The Villagers' by Rinus Van de Velde.

And 'All my friends are wild' by Kati Heck. (image)

And 'KUNST KUNST KUNST' with works of Adrian Ghenie, Jonathan Meese, Rinus Van de Velde.

And 'The Last Waltz (For Leon)' with works of Marcel Dzama, Armen Eloyan, Gelatin, Adrian Ghenie, Kati Heck, Anton Henning, Tomasz Kowalski, Friedrich Kunath, Edward Lipski, Jonathan Meese, Ryan Mosley, Peter Rogiers, Ben Sledsens, Ed Templeton, Rinus Van de Velde, Aaron Van Erp, Henk Visch, Franz West, Anke Weyer.

Also, via Hannibal Publishing you can purchase the first publication of the magnificent colored pencil drawings by Rinus Van de Velde €55, the utopian universe of Ben Sledsens €39.95, the dystopic world of Armen Eloyan €45, and soon Kati Heck.

A FIFTY ONE Publication

The latest FIFTY ONE publication with William Klein, including several images that are presented to the public for the first time.

"His trust humbles me. This book is my present to him. But it was also a present to me because I got to dive into his huge archive looking for unpublished work. What a delight! Especially the rediscovery of his early images enabled me to combine his urban photographs with those iconic fashion images and powerful abstract works.”

  • From the introduction by Roger Szmulewicz, owner of Gallery FIFTY ONE


This and 11 other FIFTY ONE publications (of Katrien De Blauwer, Saul Leiter, Frank Horvat, Bruno V. Roels, Arpaïs Du Bois, Harry Gruyaert, Malick Sidibé, Jacques Sonck) can be found and purchased via FIFTY ONE's online shop.

HART magazine

HART lezen kan al vanaf €6 per maand (digitaal). Of neem een maandabonnement, vanaf 4 maanden: €9 per maand (print + digitaal). Of een jaarabonnement: €99 per jaar (print + digitaal) of €65 per jaar (digitaal).

Bezoek de website van HART voor meer informatie.

U kunt oude losse HART-nummers per post ontvangen (€16 in België en Nederland, €19 rest van de wereld) via Bruil & van de Staaij: klik hier en scroll naar beneden.


Art books and art editions via Callewaert Vanlangendonck Gallery

Callewaert Vanlangendonck Gallery does not only organise documented exhibitions, but also publishes art books and art editions.

Follow this link to the online shop and order via:

Image: Cox, silkscreen by Koen van den Broek. 52.5 x 64.5 cm, 2016, edition of 50 copies, in a linen case, numbered and signed in pencil


Published on the occasion of the exhibition In dialogue with Jan Cox, a duo exhibition in which Koen van den Broek confronted his work with that of one of his examples, Jan Cox.

"The screenprint Cox, refers to a canvas from the Iliad series by Jan Cox from 1975. In The cleaners of the battlefield, Jan Cox shows two completely black vultures that tear apart a carcass, against a pink-grey background. The bright yellow eyes of the scavengers stand out against the burgundy and torn carcass. Cox’s use of color is gray and gloomy and contributes to the threat emanating from the scene. Koen van den Broek has cut the context out of Cox’s canvas and uses bright, fresh colors. Of the unfair battle between the vultures and the carcass, only the tension remains between the interrelated blue color planes and the related red color planes in which the blue ones are dominant. The echoes of the vultures and Cox’s carcass resound in van den Broek’s silkscreen."

Window on the South

NK Gallery offers a set of lithographs by Hans Vandekerckhove.

The works are framed in light wood ceréé frame format 75cmx65cm. The luxury lithograph is printed on Hahnemühle 310 g, glued on acid-free paper. The frame is airtight. The works are signed in the bottom right corner with the numbering.

€1250 (frame included).

If desired, you can write NK Gallery to receive the entire portfolio:

Open Call:

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