B scene
B scene

In the context of an architecture office, B scene serves as a perfect platform where people can think about the quality (of life) of architecture within urbanism and the problems of environmental boredom that lead to alienation and the reduction of social cohesion.

Art can be a factor that makes people look and think differently, it can be an "accent" that elevates the living in everyday’s gray reality.

The Room for Art, B scene can be a generator to bring people together at various levels to get acquainted with what artists can contribute to our quality of life.

Artists do not only show their work, they enter into a dialogue with city planners, architects, urbanists and ... politicians who often get the first and last word.

B scene plays a connecting, advisory role within the activities of Binst Architects.

B scene can generate innovations for larger projects, in combination with and based on presentations in B scene as a "be seen" for another "being" of art, i.e. "the public" within the architectural organization of living, working, learning and relaxing.