De Garage joins Museum Hof Van Busleyden
De Garage joins Museum Hof Van Busleyden

Contemporary art space De Garage offers a visual arts programme that aims to complement museums and art spaces. De Garage chooses for a smaller scale and intense production of new exhibitions, with special attention for young artists. De Garage also values regular overviews of established artists' bodies of work.

Opening hours
De Garage
Monday: 13h-18h
Tuesday: 13h-18h
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: 13u-18u
Friday: 13h-18h
Saturday: 13h-18h
Sunday: 13h-18h

Opening hours
Hof Van Busleyden
Monday: 10h-17h
Tuesday: 10h-17h
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: 10h-22h
Friday: 10h-17h
Saturday: 10h-17h
Sunday: 10h-17h

24, 25 and 31 december, 1 january