Launched in March 2020, ZEIT quickly carved a niche for itself in the Antwerp art scene. Juxtaposing the work of promising young talent and personal post-war abstract heroes, the gallery provides a historical context for the contemporary creations it selects.

Showing the new and the not so new side-by-side can take many shapes and forms. In its first year, ZEIT brought its opening act BALLS!, taking the circle as its central theme; BRIEF: ENCOUNTER, in which Filip Collin was invited to explore the oeuvre of Jo Delahaut; the impromptu lockdown Xmas display BLANCO with artworks in every shade of white; and 7x70, a group exhibition showcasing a series of paintings and screen prints from 1970 in combination with seven commissioned works by seven contemporary artists inspired by the themes and aesthetics of that era.

Next up is STILL, in which Felix Hannaert’s meticulously layered meditative paintings form the perfect backdrop for Wouter Hoste’s otherworldly ceramic sculptures and objects, reminiscent of relics from a future civilisation.

ZEIT, it’s a time machine: a retrospective of what was, a forum for what is and a preview of what is yet to come.

Open Thursday, Friday & Saturday 2 pm - 7 pm (during exhibitions) and on appointment.