20.05.2017–02.07.2017 Stijn Bastianen Solo Galerie Schoots + Van Duyse

Stijn Bastianen

With his visual work Bastianen translates, into a quirky and authentic visual language with a slightly surreal touch, the things that surround him. Without preconceived plan he improvises in a vocabulary in which not infrequently different techniques be used next to each other. Purely pictorial and graphical techniques are integrated into its work. Often Bastianen explores the boundary between figurative and abstract. This eclectic method allows him to make in a subtle way accents to his stories.

Taboos are not avoided and often sexuality plays an important role in the storylines. Humor is pertinent present, even in the titles of the works, and tempers, as a cooling summer breeze, the tone of his work. That layering gives his work also increased accessibility. From the playful tone and free character you could deduce that Bastianen in his younger years was active in the graffiti scene.