Continuing its position as a city of the avant-garde, Antwerp harbors a vibrant contemporary art scene, ranging from internationally renowned museums and galleries to project spaces, an artist-in-residence program, two prominent art schools, a Kunsthal and young, upcoming artist initiatives.

Conveniently located in the proximity of Brussels, Paris, London, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Cologne, Antwerp hosts a continuous flow of artists and art lovers, complementing the already strongly present local scene.

Since 2014, Antwerp Art connects and promotes the activities by its members, as well as a brisk pool of upcoming art initiatives and temporary exhibitions, located in Antwerp. Antwerp Art is the joint platform for these exhibition spaces, listing relevant exhibitions and openings for both professionals and a wider audience.

Antwerp Art organizes the annual Antwerp Art Weekend, a citywide manifestation for contemporary art in Antwerp, its main goal being the promotion of contemporary art as a valuable and essential part of society. We are now working on our eighth edition.

Antwerp Art is a non-profit organization supported by its members and the City of Antwerp.


Every year, Antwerp Art organizes the Antwerp Art Weekend, a four day, citywide manifestation, where art venues in and around Antwerp put their hands together to celebrate contemporary art. This is the best time to experience the city and its flourishing art scene, with an abundance of galleries, art spaces, museums and special events to visit.

Visit antwerpartweekend.be for more information.


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To apply for a membership, email info@antwerpart.be to receive the application forms. The deadlines are June 15th and November 15th.



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