02.05.2021–29.08.2021 A NON-U-MENTAL HISTORY OF M HKA PART 1: Foundation Gordon Matta-Clark M HKA

Gordon Matta-Clark

"My hopes for a project in Antwerp would be to complete a ‘non-u-mental’ work that the city could go on enjoying for a certain period after its realization." (Gordon Matta-Clark to Flor Bex, 1976)

As part of a permanent reflection on the origins and identity of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp (M HKA), a series of exhibitions will present different aspects of its predecessor, the International Cultural Centre (ICC).

Foundation Gordon Matta-Clark

Following the recent presentation of the acquisitions of the M HKA City Collection, a selection from the Foundation Gordon Matta-Clark (1979-1985) will be presented. This sub-collection was accumulated in a failed attempt to save Office Baroque (1977), the only remaining cut out building by Matta-Clark at the time of his death at 35 years old in 1978. After the demolition of Office Baroque, numerous artists withdrew their works, yet others remained to support the associated goal of creating a museum of contemporary art in Antwerp. In retrospect, it can be stated that the year 1978 was a decisive moment, which sparked a slumbering awareness for the necessity for a museum of contemporary art in Antwerp. The Foundation forms the connection between the ICC and the future museum of contemporary art, M HKA. The works that were donated to the Foundation not only form the historical basis of the M HKA collection, they also underline the international solidarity between artists as a political vehicle.