David Bergé


Walking together in silence is not only a set of encounters staged as art, but a political act. With this Walk Piece, David Bergé proposes an altered kind of perception of the city: one that will cut through the fabric of Antwerp, to then stitch it back together again by our shared act of walking. The everyday gesture of walking is David’s language. The imposed silence on such a temporal gathering augments all our other senses. We see the city not only with our own eyes, but feel it, smell it and hear it.

Throughout the walk piece, the city will slowly materialize on the skin of our bodies — like the image of the city gets trapped into a photograph. This corporeal image is made in a specific time and place through which the body moves, and always in relation to others. A moment in the present.

Once again we are walking together.

The four Walk Pieces start at OUT OF SIGHT at 8am, 11am, 5pm and 8pm, and will take maximum 7 participants each time.

Please, book your place by sending an email to press@out-of-sight.be, providing your name, contact number and time choice.

Thank you!

More info HERE

The even is part of the Antwerp Art Weekend 2021.
It is supported by the Flanders Cultural Activity Grant.

Artists: David Bergé