Helgi Þórsson

ABC Klubhuis @Antwerp Art Weekend!

Well well neighbours in our beautiful old dorp by the Schelde, Antwerp Art weekend is right around the corner!

ABC Klubhuis will be taking part in the fun all weekend, presenting Helgi Thorsson's exhibition Groot of Klein, a true visual arts adventure in which we embark on a lente tot zomer adventure :-0

However, Friday will be a special day!
From 12 to 18'o clock you can find brand new visual art editions at Klubhuis!
Helgi will release a brand new publication called 'Vleermuis in het varkenshuis' as well as ABC Klubhuis members will be presenting to you beautiful editions of their making.
While all this is going down we'll serve soup for homeless!

For the ones joining in from afar or visiting the huis for the first time, it's easy!
ABC Klubhuis is only a stone's throw away from Meir and Central Station, at Sint-Jacobsmarkt 59

On the way? Here are our opening hours during the Antwerp Art Weekend are:
Thu. 18:00-21:00.
Fri. 12:00-18:00.
Sat. 12:00-18:00.
Sun. 12:00-18:00.

Need more info about Groot of Klein, "Who is Helgi Thorsson" you ask?
Well that's easy to answer, here you go:

Helgi is an Icelandic visual artist whom has been swinging his brush and chisel for the past two decades. You might even be familiar with Helgi through the classic tunes of Stilluppsteypa or Evil Madness which he is a part of. However for ABC Klubhuis Helgi will strictly be focusing on the visual arts, presenting new works inspired by sweet old lente.

Helgi was travelling with the Smyril Line, when we caught up with him on the phone a few weeks back. He told us that he is working in small working spaces these days and had to make some of his ideas in miniature models, his studio is the size of a toddler at the moment: “...however in the final stages of preparation for the exhibition it will all be made in the right scale…”

See you soon at the huis !

Artists: Helgi Þórsson