04.08.2021–21.08.2021 Accrochage II – The Sun Also Rises Everyday Gallery

B.D. Graft, Julien Saudubray, Taylor Anton White, Sérgio Fernandes, Mirco Marchelli, Adrien Vescovi, Antoine Langenieux-Villard, Natacha Mankowski, Fran Van Coppenolle, Charles Benjamin, Bertrand Fournier, Xolo Cuintle

Everyday Gallery presents 'The Sun Also Rises' Accrochage II with a new participating artist, Amsterdam-based B.D Graft, and brand new works from Bertrand Fournier and Antoine Langenieux-Villard, in the gallery from Wednesday 4 August 2021.

The Sun Also Rises is an attempt to capture the sensation of early summer through contemporary abstract art. Through the careful juxtaposition of a mix of international, intergenerational and diverse abstract artists, the show turns the gallery into an aesthetic space that welcomes the tactile signs of summer.

Inspired by a book with the same title, written by American modernist writer Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises is well aware that every moment is fleeting and that every summer day must come to an end. To live with this knowledge and yet to live life to the fullest is precisely the idea explored by Hemingway.

Like Hemingway’s novel, and like the first signs of summer in late spring, Everyday Gallery’s latest group exhibition wants to create a space in which the visitor can dwell, just enjoying the moment without a care in the world, in joyous anticipation of a summer that is about to start. All of this will end as surely as the sun will set... but for today, remember: the sun also rises.

Artists — Adrien Vescovi, Antoine Langenieux-Villard, B.D. Graft, Bertrand Fournier, Charles Benjamin, Fran Van Coppenolle, Julien Saudubray, Mirco Marchelli, Natacha Mankowski, Sergio Fernandes, Taylor Anton White, Xolo Cuintle.


1 — 6pm