'Aesthetic Echoes', group exhibition

With Aesthetic Echoes, PLUS-ONE Gallery wants to revive the appreciation, intimacy and ritual of the iconic format. Trough paying homage to the significance of the album cover artwork, while embracing the feasibility of contemporary artistic interpretation.

It endeavors to revive the profound appreciation, while capturing the nostalgic importance associated with it. Trough engaging with the past and envisioning the future Aesthetic Echoes will highlight again the potential of album artwork as an abiding art form and its relevance in the age of streaming and the digital realm.

Artistic framework

In the light of the subtle yet significant role music plays within the identity of PLUS-ONE Gallery, Aesthetic Echoes seeks to revive this through juxtaposition and careful curation of the diverse artistic interpretations of a hundred artists. Each one of them will be invited to reimagine the 33-inch vinyl record cover of a number, album, artist they feel intertwined with and reflect it’s essence and their own artistic interpretation of it in this particular format.

As the visitors are invited to immerse themselves in a visual dialogue, this eclectic assemblage will reflect an amalgam of interpretations and techniques, representing a wide spectrum of creative approaches, reinforcing the symbiotic relationship between music, sound and visual imageries.

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