Agnès Guillaume

Grounding Dreams

Agnès Guillaume, a trained musician, was active in theatre and as a writer before she turned to video art in 2010. By way of this medium she elaborates the various chapters of an introspective and symbolic story. Her films are anchored in time and reflect the collections around them in different ways (the pictorial use of color, the importance of framing, the large formats, the polyptic arrangement, ...). This affinity is also present in her works on paper. Starting from her videos, she treats them with different materials (soil, pastel,...) to present them as paintings in the end.

Although Agnès Guillaume’s work appears dreamy it is connected to reality. The series of embroidery shown on the first floor, illustrates this by showing pure portraits of naked men, who are almost surprised by the various added accessories and decorative elements.

Artists: Agnès Guillaume

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