25.01.2018–17.03.2018 Always trust the artist Tim Van Laere Gallery

Gelatin, Marcel Dzema, Adrian Ghenie, Kati Heck, Edward Lipski, Jonathan Meese, Ryan Mosley, Aaron Van Erp

Tim Van Laere Gallery presents Always Trust The Artist, a group exhibition that brings together 7 artists and the artist collective Gelatin. The exhibition presents paintings, drawings and sculptures, all testifying the strong individual vision of each artist. Although they each have a unique and recognizable signature, there are striking similarities between the participating artists. Complexity, ambiguity and versatility characterize their multi-layered work, which is often situated in the border area between figuration and abstraction, present and past, reality and fiction.

The title of the exhibition is taken from a work by Kati Heck, and perfectly summarizes the philosophy of the gallery. For more than 20 years Tim Van Laere has been building a relationship of trust with his artists, who invariably and irrefutably come first. This group exhibition is therefore a celebration of the idea that the gallery is a partner of its artists, and that the artists stand side by side as a sort of collective.

The exhibition shows masks and a painting by Jonathan Meese; a monumental work by Kati Heck - who painted a portrait of the Antwerp Michelin star chef Johan Segers ('t Fornuis) for this exhibition - a new work by Aaron Van Erp in which he refers to the work l'atelier du pientre by Gustave Courbet; a new large-scale work by Adrian Ghenie; a new painting by Ryan Mosley; a triptych and a new sculpture by Edward Lipski; and two golems and a wall piece of Gelatin. In addition, this exhibition also introduces the work of Canadian artist Marcel Dzama into the gallery.


Opening Reception Thursday 25 January from 6-9pm