Ann Veronica Janssens

Micheline Szwajcer is pleased to welcome new artworks by Ann Veronica Janssens at the gallery, all of them made out of glass. A material the artist has been working with and exploring for many years. Her glass rolls in variable dimensions and colors are an example of her practice where she tries to reveal the limits of perception, to make the invisible visible and give form to something that is barely perceptible. A frisson bleu will be installed, elevated from the ground, giving light and colour the space to reflect on the surroundings.
All pieces on view exemplify how Janssens works with spaciousness and the distribution of light, radiant colour, transparent or reflective surfaces, resulting in ephemeral, fragile and minimalist by nature artworks. By examining properties of matter (brilliance, lightness, transparency), physical phenomena (reflection, refraction and perspective) and the instability of our perception of space and time exposure, she seeks to destabilize the concept of materiality.