Anna Godzina: Thunderbolt

Anna Godzina’s Thunderbolt is a four-day exhibition during which she will transform her studio space into a meditative dream landscape. Godzina explores cycles of repetition and destruction through the mechanisms of sound and gravity. Her kinetic sculptures perform on their own, echoing a bygone era of experimental automata. Through cracks in this controlled environment, she taps into the acoustic properties of the natural and physical phenomena that surround us, such as water and electricity.

Anna Godzina (b. 1990 in Chișinău, Moldova) is the recipient of the 2019 Prijs Hugo Roelandt and the 2019 STRT Schot award, an initiative by AAIR that grants a year-long studio space to a recently graduated visual art student in Antwerp.

Due to the corona measures, we can only accommodate three visitors at a time. Please sign up for your preferred time slot via and bring your face mask.

Exhibition: 28.10—31.10.2020
Opening hours: 13:00—17:00
Antwerp Art Nocturne: 31.10.2020, 12:00—21:00

☞ NOTE! The exhibition takes place at the artist's studio space at Appelstraat 27a, 2140 Borgerhout