Anton Henning


Tim Van Laere Gallery is pleased to present the second solo-exhibition of Anton Henning at the gallery. In contrary to his first exhibition, Henning decided to place the focus solely on his paintings by presenting them in the modernist white cube setting of the gallery-space. The titles of the works accentuate the recurring subjects in the paintings of Henning. This choice in subjects show the vast determination of Henning that not everything has been said and done in art. He begins every painting from scratch, using the unlimited range of his own imagination and pictorial knowledge to continuously reinvent the same subject. For this show he selected numerous flower still life, nudes, a portrait and an interior, which display not only his masterful technique, but also his originality with quality, sincerity and strive for his personal sense of beauty.

The oeuvre of Anton Henning (°1964 Berlin, lives and works in Berlin and Manker) comprises paintings, sculptures, drawings, films, photographs, musical pieces and entire environments and could be read as a contemporary interpretation of the Gesamtkunstwerk. Focussing equally on the search as well as the outcome, he creates a hybrid pictorial event, an anarchy of images liberated from the gravity of the isms in art history. With his motif repertory, material choices, stylistic devices and playful reinventions of the genre types, Henning doesn’t simply quote from art history, but he playfully looks for painterly potential through his own pictorial memory which has remained delitescent, discarding all spatial, temporal, and ideational contexts.

Artists: Anton Henning