Antony Cairns


CTY - TYO3 is an exhibition combining works from Cairns' ongoing CTY project and TYO3 a new portfolio of work specifically showing Tokyo.
The CTY project for Cairns is what he deems his ongoing archive of Imagery of Megalopolis from around the world.
TYO3 is a portfolio showing his latest photographs of Tokyo from 2019. The portfolio has been printed onto vintage IBM decision table sheets.
CTY works are shown in two different mediums that Cairns has been working with for some time now.
Firstly his Computer Punch Card series where by the photographs shown are made as composites of printed on old stock Computer Punch Cards.
Secondly his E.I screen series in which his photographs have been uploaded onto redundant Electronic Ink screens and then encased in perspex.

Artists: Antony Cairns

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