Arne Bastien


Arne Bastien’s work shows a hostile attitude towards the image. In his paintings the subject is always a field of tension, an activity, a disturbance or a division. The gaze is set in motion by these disturbances. By focusing on different points, through compositional splits and a sometimes slow and then rhythmic, nervous brushwork, it becomes impossible to reduce the work to a manageable, consumable image. The gripping gaze is discarded and a binding look takes over.
The unfinished, the doubt, the brutal search and an intelligent resistance to the reducing effect of images, produce an extremely fascinating and necessarily heterogeneous oeuvre. [Vincent Geyskens]

This duo-exhibition is a coöperation between Galerie Transit Mechelen & C.A.P.S. projects.
C.A.P.S. exhibits new works by Jolyn Baeckelandt.

Arne Bastien | Wachtkamer
06 - 29.05.22
Galerie Transit in Kloosterstraat 165, 2000 Antwerpen
Open vrijdag, zaterdag & zondag 14-18 uur, of na afspraak.

Kloosterstraat 165, 2000 Antwerpen
+32 475 477 478

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