Dawid Wojtalewicz


The exhibition is entitled a collection of images that constitute postmodern theater. The attitude he represents is that of a modern tramp, a nomad.

Tha artist has traveled a lot and his journey with art - as he says himself as he claims - he is an alter-modern labyrinth. It is a modern path in space-time marked by the problems of modern times. Pictures combine magic with nature. In 2019, the artist published a catalog entitled The Glow of Enlightenment in cooperation with the Paul Verbeeck and Anne van Dyck Gallery. The catalog presents Wojtalewicz's paintings and his mystical view of art.

The collection of paintings is dominated by a mystical aura captured with the use of traditional oil techniques, which is a derivative of the artist's many trips around Europe. The exhibition is a bridge between. The art of Dawid Wojtalewicz is a journey through the labyrinth of painting. The artist tests the boundaries of his painting, often creating painting objects and situations. Everything can suddenly become a painting matter - an old musical instrument -, a display case full of ceramic pictures, books on experimental pedestals... Dawid Wojtalewicz introduces the viewer to his world of performative painting, to the theater based on nuances, lyricism of artistic expression, commitment.

Text by Agata Nowosielska
curator of the ZAK Gallery in Gdansk

Artists: Dawid Wojtalewicz