Aglaia Konrad

Artist Talk Aglaia Konrad

On November 17, the Brussels artist Aglaia Konrad will be guest at FOMU. Join us for an exclusive Artist Talk about her work.

The exhibition Aglaia Konrad - Umbau is open from 7 pm to 8 pm. Afterwards, Aglaia Konrad will have an Artist Talk, accompanied by writer and teacher Bart Verschaffel. The conversation will be moderated by FOMU curator Anne Ruygt.

7 pm: Doors
7 pm - 8 pm: The exhibition is open
8 pm - 9.10 pm: Artist Talk Aglaia Konrad, with Bart Verschaffel and Anne Ruygt
9.10 pm - 9.30 pm: Q&A
9.30 pm - 11 pm: FOMU cafe is open
This talk will be in English.

Info & tickets:

The artist Aglaia Konrad (Salzburg, 1960) has an infectious fascination for architecture. At FOMU’s invitation, she created the exhibition Umbau specifically for the top floor of the museum.

Since the 1990s Konrad has been photographing urban processes in various metropolises. She approaches the work like an archaeologist, sifting through the layers of meaning - from the choice of materials to the underlying ideology.

Artists: Aglaia Konrad

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