Peter Fengler

Artist talk - Peter Fengler (de player)

There is a Storm, Copy That.

Peter Fengler is the artistic director of de player, a Rotterdam based polymorphic production platform which has been putting on all sorts of events on the cutting edge of performance art, experimental music and the visual arts. His artist talk is part of the month-long event There is a Storm, Copy That. hosted by Frans Masereel Centrum in the Antwerp Art Pavilion next to the MAS.

DE PLAYER - just like Fengler in his work as Ultra Hobby Complex, Chocoman or as part of the Coolhaven collective - wants to emphasise the importance of sound, and the performance and positioning of sound within the visual arts. Theory, design, lifestyle and staging form a key role in this. THE PLAYER doesn’t adhere to the usual separation which occurs between the disciplines of music and visual art, rather they want to show their mutual inspirations and influences.

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