Patrick Vanden Eynde

At Any Given Moment

10 years. From 2012 to 2022. Six works. Three smaller works and three larger ones. At Any Given Moment provides us with just too little information to get a complete idea of the work and themes of the Belgian painter Patrick Vanden Eynde; but it does give us just enough information to get our thoughts going: we discern certain tendencies, overlaps and thematic similarities that, because of the selective arrangement of the exposition, cannot be unified into a coherent whole but continue to animate our thoughts long after we left the gallery.

Since the 1990s, Patrick Vanden Eynde has been working on an oeuvre that demonstrates not only great thematic variety and range, but also enormous skill and material and textural expertise. The artist combines a hyper-precise, figurative approach with an extremely layered painting technique that draws the viewers' attention to the canvas.

Artists: Patrick Vanden Eynde

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