Augustin Rebetez

Augustin Rebetez

Augustin Rebetez (1986) works in various media including painting,

photography, video, sculpture, installations and mobiles. The artist is

developing a universe populated by characters, chimeras and peculiar

machines which reflect his exuberant imagination. Drawing

inspiration from outsider and folk art brut as well as tribal design,

Rebetez constructs a multifacetted body of work that defies

categorisation. Rebetez’s work seems to form part of an ancient

tradition of legends and rites. His creations relate to a wondrous and

fantastic world which swings between dream and nightmare, the

lighthearted and the serious. A modern alchemist, Rebetez plays with

movement and sound, transforming banal reality into poetic fiction.

He is both an enchanter and a magician.

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