Keith Farquhar, Sara MacKillop

Barbecue 2

Office Baroque is delighted to announce a two-person exhibition of new work by Keith Farquhar and Sara MacKillop. The new bodies of work exhibited in Barbeque 2 began taking form in March 2020 when activity and access to resources and materials was vastly diminished.

Farquhar’s Barbeque works began with the most basic act of collecting wooden sticks whilst walking in the woods and community cycle paths around his studio in Edinburgh. Back in the studio the sticks are transformed into hand-crafted bows before being framed by hanging them on found doors using simple robe-hooks. This bringing together of inside and outside and the coarse with the domestic forms a significant part of the overall effect of these pieces.
Farquhar’s other body of works on show are made from found clothes stapled to found and sometimes eccentrically shaped boards. This is a method of working that the artist used to good effect in the early 2000’s however this time the work is less planned resulting in works that are more ambiguous and shy away from literal interpretation.

MacKillop’s Calendar Houses are constructed from various domestic and office calendars and magazine-files found around her flat in London and are composed through her semi- distracted re-organisation of these objects. Working in series has allowed MacKillop to push the boundaries of what constitutes a model house to include items that have the appearance of hybrid alpine cottages and/or postmodern follies. As with many of MacKillop’s sculptures the works are transitory in nature: their ready-made components remaining unfixed and unaltered, allowing for the idea that they could return to a non-art status after being exhibited.

Artists: Keith Farquhar, Sara MacKillop