16.04.2019–30.06.2019 BETWEEN THERE AND THERE: The Third Place of Belonging OUT OF SIGHT

Božena Končić Badurina and Duga Mavrinac, Tomislav Brajnović, Nicole Hewitt, Ana Hušman, Tonka Maleković

When reflecting on modern migrations, cultural anthropology sees migrants as an active mobile subject that continuously and simultaneously creates meanings and values while weaving dynamic transnational networks. However, transmigration also implies a feeling of permanent displacement and not-belonging. The exhibition looks at the phenomenon of temporary migrations in relation to artistic performative practices.

Curated by IPAK / Irena Bekić and Duga Mavrinac in collaboration with OUT OF SIGHT / Dušica Dražić

Supported by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and City of Zagreb.